Divine Mercy Academy K-8 Grade Curriculum

Studies, Services, and Resources

What to Expect When Enrolling Your Student at DMA:

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A proven path for your child to succeed academically, socially, personally, and spiritually.


A tuition-based, rights without labels academic program designed in the Catholic school tradition.


Class sizes of 10 or less to give proper attention to the needs of each student.


An education focused on developing your child’s capacity to learn.



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  • August 19 - First day for students
  • August 30 - No school
  • September 2 - Labor Day
  • September 3 - No students - Teacher PD
  • September 4- Students Return
  • November 1 - No students - Staff PD
  • November 25 - No students - Teacher Records Day
  • November 26 - No students - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 27 - No students
  • November 28 - Thanksgiving Day
  • November 29 - No school
  • December 20 - Christmas break begins at end of school day
  • January 6 - Students return to school
  • January 20 - MLK Day - no students - teacher PD
  • January 27-31 - Catholic Schools Week
  • February 17 - Winter Break - No students - Teacher PD Day
  • March 7 - No students - Teacher PD Day
  • April 17 - Holy Thursday - No students - Teacher PD
  • April 18 - Good Friday - No school
  • April 21-25 - No school - Spring Break
  • April 28 - Students return
  • May 26 - Memorial Day - No school
  • June 5 - Last Day of School
  • June 6 - Teacher Records Day

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Services and Programs

What We Offer

  • Core academic instruction (State of Michigan / Archdiocese of Detroit).
  • Religion, Art, Music
  • Field trips and hands-on experiences.
  • Highly qualified, special education certified staff.
  • Support services: speech, physical therapy, psychological services, and brain gym.
  • Collaboration and inclusion with students at St. Valentine progection.

Support Programs

  • Brain Gym – engaging students in exercises that help awaken the brain.
  • Therapeutic Arts – Art, Music, Recreation therapy to actively engage the students.
  • Art – infused throughout the classes.
  • Cooking – at various intervals throughout the year the teachers create cooking lessons for the students to engage in connecting the hands-on learning to academics of the core classes.
  • Other activities throughout the school year as opportunities arise.

English, Language Arts, and Reading

The DMA reading program is student centered and designed to encourage students to investigate new ways to engage, learn and achieve their potential through 21st Century Literacy Skills. Each student has an individual learning plan that has been developed using observation, assessment and student/parent input.

The Elementary Reading/Language Arts program is grounded in current research and follows the AoD curriculum standards. Our students develop reading and language skills by using them in authentic contexts in an environment where students are constantly immersed in language and print. Our program uses a student centered, integrated instructional approach to ensure that learners become capable thinkers and readers.


Modern technology requires various threads of scientific thought from all who use and create it. Under the leadership of our resident scientist our students are provided with hands-on science activities which they find interesting and engaging.

In the ever-changing world we live in, we at Divine Mercy Academy recognize the importance for all children to understand and solve complex problems related to the environment, science, engineering, technology, and math. For students with learning challenges it is ever so important that they be offered increased opportunities to learn with hands-on experiences so that they may fully participate and understand the concepts being taught in STEM classes. Being able to immediately apply learning increases a student’s ability to retain the information and provides an opportunity for increased learning and success.


The math curriculum at Divine Mercy Academy (DMA) mirrors the curriculum outlined by the Archdiocese of Detroit (AoD) and the State of Michigan.  The AoD’s website describes math as “The study of mathematics is the study of relationships, structure, and problem solving.  Through math, students learn about patterns, chance, form, algorithms and change.  They learn to observe, predict, analyze, and solve problems related to routine daily tasks.”  The Eureka Math Curriculum keeps the student learning at DMA within those boundaries.

Brain Gym

Brain Gym® is a means of activating the brain to improve learning. In completing Brain Gym exercises the students are engaged in movements that are repetitions of specific   activities to promote efficient communication among the many nerve cells and functional centers located throughout the brain and sensory motor system. These movements are designed to combine body and mind to improve:

  • Visual and Auditory Memory
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Motivation and Energy
  • Math, Reading and Writing
  • Organization
  • Listening
  • Creativity
  • Physical coordination

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